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Welcome to my creative space. My name Ayn. I was born and raised in the wonderful island of the Philippines. I worked and lived in Dubai for 10 years. In 2019, I moved to Canadawith my family.

I am an abstract painter using acrylic and a watercolorist on canvas and paper, a surface designer.

I bring my imagination to life by means of patterns, forms and textures. Most of my abstract art inspirations came from my travel from different countries: Tanzania (East Africa), Georgia (T’bilisi), Singapore, India, Seychelles and Dubai.

My passion for abstract painting started in 2012 while working for a real estate company in Dubai. For 10 years, I visited countless houses, villas, apartments and commercial spaces (like shops and offices). It was during these site visits that I saw unique and breathtaking abstract arts displayed on the walls of either residential or commercial towers, in the villas and in the houses.

Admiring their uniqueness and visualizing the unusual strokes each artist used, I found connection in those abstract arts. It was those quiet moments when I stood in front of a painting inside an empty house or space that made me understand the message behind every abstract creation. It then led me to explore my inner creativity and try painting based on my imagination.

On the other hand, my journey as a surface designer started in the middle of 2020 right after I gave birth to my baby. It was the year of pandemic and we were just at home. So I painted and transformed my art into patterns. Then in February of 2021,  I’ve learned and studied vector arts using affinity designer, and explored watercolour paintings for my loose florals. 

Honestly, I never saw myself as an artist and designer but I decided to become one. The freedom to express myself through abstract, florals and pattern is one of my ultimate goals in self-contentment. 

Expressionism is my preferences and this two element gives me a profound feeling of self- awareness in a constructive and creative way.

In my creative journey, my mantra is “I don’t create outside the box, I create like there’s no box”.

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